A feast for the eyes and the palate Our Chef’s suggestion
  "Char fillet au gratin".

The Hotel restaurant, which has been a member of the prestigious "Buon Ricordo" chain since 1969, is on the splendid large terrace directly overlooking the lake..
In the centre there is a large open area and the verandas are surrounded by sliding glass walls that reveal the wonderful landscape.
Beside a wide choice of Italian and international dishes you can find the typical fare of traditional lake gastronomy; because it is also through the palate that you can get to know people and the area where they live.


A restaurant that literally has its feet in the water could not but be specialized in fish.


The Char is a fish that lives in crystal clear waters, the size of a trout and the bright colour and richness of a salmon.


The recipe is easy: the fillets are cooked au gratin and served with a creamy fish-based sauce seasoned with herbs. This is a pondered choice, to allow guests to appreciate the delicate exquisiteness of char.


When you order this specialty you will receive a complimentary hand painted
ceramic Buon Ricordo plate created by the Solimene master craftsmen of Vietri sul Mare.